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Patrick’s Campaign is an AD&D (2nd Ed) campaign set in an unnamed version on Earth. A brutal war rages between the Kingdom of the West and the deadly onslaught of the hordes of Eastern Man. This low magic setting favors players of faith as well as players handy with the steel.

The original three players were Anna, Brom and Sally. Their journey has taken them far beyond the coastal region they were used to and into the service of the West. They were soon joined by two rangers and a priest.

The major cities of the West are as follows:
Bardum: fortified city with pentagon outer wall
Hazlewood Fortress: heavily fortified city on the border with the East
Ravenclaw: capital of the western kingdom
Uberkeep: an impregnible fortress to the east of Ravenclaw

Notable minor cities include:
Deepshire: city near southern lake
Dunlop: trade stop on the inner plains, home of Sally
Eggshire: major producer of eggs and chickens for the kingdom
Gunther: central city of a group of five cities in the central plains
Keesterling: interior city in the south
Lobster Claw: home town of Anna and Brom
Madai: hidden ranger city on the southern coast

Main Page

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